Greer Inez goes back + forth between Oklahoma + Southern California. With her love for film cameras, she has experienced incredible success with her photography + videography- her preferred mediums being 35mm + polaroid + super 8mm video. 

Greer works with a lot of creative entrepreneurs + artists + magazines + influencers- creating + curating content for their marketing needs. She is known for following her clients all over this beautiful planet for those special locations. 

Forever inspired by love + it’s relentless fire, she feels so honored to capture + create art with each couple’s unique connection + has documented hundreds of weddings. Only accepting a certain number of weddings, so she shows up to each one with excitement + passion. 

Using imagery + encaustics + oil paint + acrylic paint, she creates colorful pieces of art that she envisions bringing inspiration into her collectors’ homes- her work is often infused with her hope for everyone to have the freedom to love whomever they want + express themselves however they want. Greer’s most recent exhibition at MAINSITE contemporary art gallery were pieces from her series called Femme Form. She is currently working on an icon series- a collection infused with my hope for everyone to have the freedom to express themselves however they want. She is currently booking exhibitions + accepting commissions through 2021.