I am quite the inspired artist- I want to do it all! But that isn’t realistic. So I am only creating my very favorite things right now:
CREATIVE CONTENT: I love creating campaigns + helping businesses- creatively + visually! This is also where I stay challenged with new concepts + lighting + perspectives! I am booking product + brand campaigns through 2020.
WEDDINGS + STYLED COUPLES SESSIONS: I am forever inspired by love + it’s relentless fire; it is always an honor to capture + create art with each couple’s unique connection! Both of these include a 20×30 custom painted portrait + a vintage viewfinder + reel. I am booking weddings + couples sessions through 2020.
VENUS MINI SESSIONS: I won’t ever stop collaborating with my incredible team + celebrating the feminine- that creative + intuitive + sensual + fierce energy that resides in all of us! I am booking venus minis in Laguna Beach + Los Angeles + Oklahoma City + Austin in Spring 2019.
And with all of these, I am using my favorite mediums: polaroid + 35mm experimental film + digital photography + 8mm vintage [silent] video.
AND MY VERY FAVORITE THING TO DO is immortalize my feelings + visions as pieces of art- using my imagery + paint. I sell my prints here + I post my newest pieces available on my IG. I’m always accepting commissions- I’d love to create something for you! I am 2-3 months out right now.