I’ve got a thing for vintage cameras, polaroids + 35mm + 8mm video.
I work with a lot of creative entrepreneurs + artists + magazines + influencers- creating + curating content for their marketing needs. These shoots are typically booked at a half day rate or a full day rate.
I am forever inspired by love + it’s relentless fire; it is always an honor to capture + create art with each couple’s unique connection!
I won’t ever stop celebrating the feminine- that creative + intuitive + sensual + fierce energy that resides in all of us! I imagine, I will be offering venus sessions until I leave this earth.
And I love to immortalize my visions as pieces of art- using my imagery + acrylic paint + oil paint + encaustics. I post my newest pieces on my IG. [online shop opening soon] I’m currently booking exhibitions through 2020 + I am accepting commissions [I am 2-3 months out right now].
You can take a peek at my calendar here.