Greer Inez is a visual artist + entrepreneur + activist + art collector. For Greer, creativity is a portal for expansion + a very important part of emotional + physical + intellectual health [creating it + experiencing it.]  She continues to relentlessly dream of connecting others to this awareness.

Greer was born + raised in Norman, Oklahoma with 4 years of her childhood in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she fell in love with cajun culture + food + of course, all things New Orleans + Mardi Gras. She studied architecture + religion + art history at The University of Oklahoma; and spent a year in Barcelona studying Spanish + art + traveling Europe on the epic eurail. After receiving her bachelors from OU, she traveled more of the world- falling into a deeper love affair with art + activism- wanting to help with the climate crisis + social justice on a global level. Greer then moved to Denver for graduate school in justice studies + gender studies at The University of Denver and Buddhism at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado- where she also immersed herself in the yoga + cycling + snowboard communities. Greer has quite a nomadic heart, but calls Oklahoma + Southern California home- where she raises her two sons, deeply connected to their family + communities.

One constant throughout her life has been art- in all its forms. Her dad also always had his camera out- documenting their lives in black + white film. Since the age of 16, Greer has worn a camera on her as if it were an accessory to every outfit- often a disposable filled with a roll of 35mm. Her camera has become an extension of her, she sees things with her unique eye + captures it quickly- in a journalistic way, similar to her dad’s style of photography. Greer started her photography business in 2011 + she has expanded into many mediums + dimensions since.

Greer has experienced success with her photography + videography- her preferred formats being 35mm + polaroid + super 8mm video. Greer works on many creative teams [with artists + magazines + brands] offering creative direction + brand development- creating + curating content for their visuals. 

Using her imagery + encaustics + oil paint + acrylic paint, Greer creates [often very colorful] pieces of art with the intention of bringing inspiration into her collectors’ homes. She is known for celebrating the human body + our beautiful planet + often infuses her work with one of her greatest hopes- that everyone has the freedom to express themselves to their maximum desires. Greer’s most recent exhibition at MAINSITE contemporary art gallery was a collection of pieces from her series called Femme Form. She is currently creating an encaustics series with her dad + booking exhibitions + accepting commissions through 2022. 

Greer has learned most about art from her parents + the hours she’s spent in museums + art galleries as a child- which remain places of peace + inspiration + connection to the collective for her. Greer started collecting art on her travels at a young age + with the influence of her parents, became infatuated with pop art in the 90s. Greer realized the investment art can be when she witnessed pop artists like Andy Warhol [one of her all time muses] + Keith Haring die when she was young + their work increase in value throughout her lifetime. Her most recent endeavor is a lifelong dream of educating others about art + the fun experience of collecting art- all to take into consideration when making an investment, from small to large. Greer is hoping to finally open an art gallery in 2022: a collection of mindfully curated creative investments. The catalog will be open for view + purchase at the beginning of may.