Greer Inez is a visual artist + photographer + actress + entrepreneur + activist + creative conduit for many. Her greatest inspirations are the inherent creativity + resiliency that comes with being human, family, love- in all its forms, nature, music- especially hiphop + classical, architecture- mcm design in particular. These things are show up in her art + photography. For Greer, creativity is a way of life- each moment that we are given invites us into an opportunity to be fully present + engage in life with curiosity + creativity. Greer has curated an eclectic life over the last four decades. And she delights in connecting the incredible people she’s met all over the globe throughout her lifetime- constantly creating connections + support for others in her wake. 
Greer started her photography business in 2011. And she travels the world with her photo + video work- her preferred formats are 35mm + polaroid + super 8mm video. She is most well known for her nudes in epic locations that typically celebrate architecture + natural elements/landscapes. Because of the way Greer connects with people so organically + so quickly, her photos + videos often have an intimate portraiture feel to them- very much like her dad’s journalistic style. To check her availability + book a session- click here.
Greer is entrenched in many different industries, helping businesses grow their digital assets + elevate their sales.
Greer’s greatest pleasure is creating art- exhilarated by the entire process of creating something that once only existed in the imagination. Greer thinks that we are all artists + we are micro-creating every mundane moment of our day. With a focus on the [health] benefits that come with prioritizing creativity, Greer continues to produce art- fine art photos + mixed media wall art + clay sculptures. Typically mounting photos onto large pieces of wood + painting encaustics [an ancient technique that originated in Egypt in 100-300AD where you paint with very hot melted wax] + oil paint + acrylic + water color onto them. Greer started working with clay in an apprenticeship in 2022- creating sculptures of nude bodies + mythic faces inspired by her Aunt Inez’s work. Greer’s recent exhibition at MAINSITE contemporary art gallery was a collection of from her Femme Form series- 35mm photographs + mixed media on canvas. Her next exhibition will be at Magic Sad Gallery in September where she will show her clay sculptures all together for the first time.
Greer started acting “late in life,” in hopes of inspiring her creativity in other dimensions. She was cast in her first feature film in 2020- Tenkiller [which started streaming on Amazon Nov. 2022] + her second feature film in 2022- The Awkward Stage [which made it into deadCenter film festival] + she just started filming her third feature film this summer- Salt Of The Earth.
Greer was born + raised in Norman, Oklahoma with 4 years of her childhood in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she fell in love with cajun food + cajun culture + of course, all things New Orleans + Mardi Gras. Greer studied Architecture + Art History + Political Science + Native American Studies at The University of Oklahoma; and spent a year in Barcelona studying Spanish + art + traveling all of Europe on the epic Eurail. After receiving her bachelors from OU, she went onto graduate school in Colorado, studying Justice Studies + Gender Studies at The University of Denver and studying Buddhism at Naropa University in Boulder- where she also immersed herself in the yoga + cycling + snowboard communities. Greer has quite a nomadic heart, but she loves to garden + loves the small community feel- she calls Oklahoma + Southern California home where she raises her two sons, deeply connected to their family + communities. Greer is devoted to helping humanity progress by intuitively giving her love + time + resources where they’re needed in her communities. Some of the organizations she is able to help with most often are Food & Shelter for Friends + Women’s Healthcare + Oklahoma Pride + The Floret Coalition + Green Peace + Gun Safety + Amnesty International + ACLU Oklahoma. Greer relentlessly dreams of inspiring others to deepen their relationship with their own creativity + communities.