My goal is to offer a creative alternative to traditional wedding photography. I value quality over quantity; intimacy over traditional beauty; authentic experience over perfectly posed imagery. I celebrate the strengths of each location + what is happening in the moment, so I give myself that time in our schedule- no matter what package you choose.
I realize the impact your photographer makes on your wedding day + I do not take that lightly. I only accept a certain number of weddings, so I show up to each one with excitement + passion. 
Here is a reel where the couple split up their time with me into 2 days: a farmers market stroll + sunset on venice beach + sexy little venus session + traditional jewish ceremony. [this is only half of the total images they received + all rated pg to protect privacy.]
My dream scenario is to follow around a couple  + create beautiful art out of polaroids + experimental film + digital photography + super 8 video as they adventure together like in this rad Kungs vs Cookin video. I also love this article that a photographer wrote about her own wedding experience.