Motherhood is where I experience my greatest joys + face my greatest fears + gather my greatest inspiration + am taken to my every limit- on the daily.
I learned quickly with motherhood, that I need a village- a support system like nothing this lone wolf had experienced before. It wasn’t a comfortable transition, but I’m 10 years into this journey + I now have a sisterhood of women that support me in all the ways. About half of them are right around the corner + the other half are scattered all over this planet. It is a deep love + trust I didn’t really know before motherhood! These women inspire me beyond measure- laughing + crying with me through the ebbs + flows of motherhood, giving me all the ideas for balancing work/family life, witnessing each other through all of the transformations, sharing all the holistic ways to keep our families healthy, picking up each other’s kids from school when work goes over, hashing out parenting routes for our strong-willed children, [even going to my home while I’m shooting a wedding + breastfeeding my stubborn baby that won’t take a bottle], cooking dinner together when we need extra love + nourishment, reminding each other of our resilience + encouraging each other when we’re at our lowest… This community is my lifeline!

THE MOTHER LODE // is a photo capsule of mamas that I have gathered over the years. This digital set is about half of my images- I will exhibit the entire capsule in print some day. I hope these images expand the [mama] village consciousness by creating camaraderie + connections through the stories of struggle + strength that we experience because of motherhood.