I really love this part of my job- I love the entire process of creating content that reps my client’s business/vision! I work with a lot of creative entrepreneurs + artists + magazines + influencers… creating + curating images for their different needs. these¬†shoots are typically booked at a half day rate or a full day rate, most of my content clients are on a retainer [a monthly subscription with me; where I keep their content up to date on all fronts]. content shoots always include::

  • vison planning
  • location scouting
  • styling
  • models [when needed]
  • makeup
  • hair
  • post production on photos
  • digital images sized for web + print
  • content strategy + tips

I like to use my team as much as possible because I’ve worked with them for years now + know they are amazing at what they do, but I love meeting + collaborating with new teams too. holler if you need me!