GREER INEZ-5155CARRIE PARKER // oklahoma city
We choose Greer because her photography is very unique and she’s always up for bringing fun new ideas to the table to capture our personalities best.  She’s been photographing our family for years and never fails to capture who we are.  We are always so happy with the results and feel that she really knows us and gives us exactly what we are looking for.  We always have fun and it feels so laid back so we are able to be natural. I love looking at the photos we have framed of all the different times in our lives she has given us. They are true treasures.
She also takes the photographs I use for social media + marketing for my business, Always Greener. If you are looking for a traditional photographer – this is not your girl. If you are looking for modern, fresh and unique photographs, She is the one. I always say, if I get one photo I’m obsessed with out of a shoot that I can frame, then job well done. She goes above and beyond that.  Greer takes her work very seriously and does her absolute best.  She’s always aspiring to find the freshest ideas so you can have photos that no one else would be capable of giving you.  We are happy clients and very thankful for the moments we have framed…thanks to Greer.
*their 2013 Spring family session + Always Greener media photos
GREER INEZ-9907-2SALLY JANUARY // norman, oklahoma
Cris and I got married in Belize and our only regret was not taking Greer with us. We used someone local and were totally disappointed. To make up for the experience, we asked Greer to do a photo shoot with us before our wedding reception in Oklahoma. Her creativity, talent and amazing vintage props made our wedding photo dreams come true. The pictures were absolutely perfect. Ever since, we knew that Greer would be the one to preserve our most precious and intimate moments in life.
Greer captured our last sweet moments as a family of two, while we were expecting our twin boys. The maternity pictures made me feel like a goddess. Greer easily made me feel comfortable and beautiful when I was feeling the most uncomfortable from a twin pregnancy. Next, for the arrival of our babies, she gave us more than we could ever imagine. Greer is so amazing with babies, she made the entire process so quick and easy. We are in love with each and every picture. We can’t wait to take our 6 month and 1 year pictures and couldn’t imagine having anyone else capture our bliss. We are so honored and thrilled to have Greer be there for our family milestones for many years to come!
*their bride + groom session + their maternity + newborn sessions
GREER INEZ-5398SARAH + OLIVER SHELTON // los angeles, california
Oliver and I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful we are to know and have worked with Greer Inez. Greer is like my spirit animal. Such a vibrant thing she is! I began stalking Greer’s noteworthy blog and Instagram feed forever ago- always longing to do a shoot with her and it wasn’t until we met that I realized how deeply connected we were and how meaningful this experience would be.
When we began planning our wedding, I, like most brides, had a few big dreams for our “Best Day Ever”. I dreamed of wearing off-white, blush Monique Lhuillier. I dreamed of an epic, outdoor, twinkle-light lit dinner party. I dreamed of California. And I dreamed of Greer Inez. Photography was a huge priority for us! We knew these moments would fly by and we knew that whoever captured them had to be the realest, most authentic and supernatural soul! That by definition is Greer Inez. She’s the perfect mix of deep roots, family lovin’ Oklahoma meets sandy-toes, green & groovy California. I mean… hello?! Can I get a Greer Inez! We thank our lucky charms to this day that all of the stars were in line and our fellow okie-cali girl was able to come capture our bliss in sunny SoCal! From our Engagements to the Big Day, this girl helped slow down the time. She helped us relish in all of the right moments and through her work, we now get to relive that day just as it was: perfect.
Greer has become a lifelong friend, our go-to photographer, and a role-model. As we grow to know her, we’ve found how intrinsically connected we are to her energy, her contentment, her brilliant eye and shining creativity. She’s truly a light and one that will remain in our tribe forever!
*their engagement session + their weddingGREER INEZ-8627LIZ HAMMOND // new york city
Even before our daughter was born, I became obsessed with the idea of Greer capturing Sophie’s milestones. Living in New York City was going to deter me. We find a way to make it happen at least once a year though. Greer takes the most phenomenally artistic photos, I didn’t want the posed photos of my youth, I wanted evidence of our love captured in time. Greer nails it every time.
*their 2013 Summer family session + Sophie’s newborn session
la jolla family photographyKAMMI LOHNE // la jolla, california
Our choice to use Greer to photograph our family’s special moments has been one of my most favorite decisions ever! I chose her for her unique style, but I quickly found out that style is just one of her many impressive attributes. Greer arrives with an amazing creative energy and a genuine interest in her participants. Once the shoot gets underway, we love the way she just blends in with everyone present to capture candid shots, but also uses her experience to make suggestions, give direction, and encourage variety. With three young kids, it can be hard to get them all on the same page during a shoot and I find myself thinking, “wow, they are acting like crazy little cavemen and SO not cooperating, she is not going to get much from them this time!” I am always very pleasantly surprised when I receive my images. She is magic and captures the millisecond that they may (or may not be) cooperating! I proudly show off and display the beautiful images from Greer and confidently recommend her to ANYONE looking for a lifestyle photographer. She is a gem!
*their 2013 Summer session

GREER INEZ-5072JENNIFER LIPPOLDT // norman, oklahoma
I wanted to pair with a photographer for the long haul.  I wasn’t simply looking for someone to take nice looking pictures of my family.  I knew I needed a photojournalist to tell the story of my life.  Greer has done this and so much more.  Through her lens I see my life in its most raw, beautiful state.
The breadth of her work has allowed us to work together on a variety of projects including family photography, art photography, and photographs for our small business.  Greer gives me the opportunity to be a partner in our sessions.  She provides guidance and vision while incorporating my ideas.  Her professionalism, creativity, honesty, and integrity make her one of the best photographers I’ve had the pleasure to work with.
*their 2013 Fall family photos at Lake Eufaula + others featured on 2013 FAVES
GREER INEZ-2629ALLI WOODROW// norman, oklahoma
Where do I even start… Greer is a friend + photographer + just an overall inspirational being. When choosing a photographer, it was SO important to me to find someone that really understands our family, who we are + what we’re all about. I wanted to know her too. I love that she shares her life with the world through instagram + her sweet little video on her website. The connection was undeniable.
We’re definitely a modern family, living a modern lifestyle but still maintaining our good ole’ Oklahoma soul. This little man is the most important thing to ever happen to us and these pictures will eventually be all we have to remember this crazy rad time in our lives. That being said, we gotta keep it REAL + RAW. This was why we chose the beautiful Greer Inez. She took the time to really know us + this baby. It wasn’t about striking a pose, she wanted the real / good stuff; what did I love doing when I was pregnant, what book I chose to read to our little Ty, what record we listened to on the reg pregnant + present, where we like to spend our time just admiring our little dude, our latest remedies on getting our little newborn to sleep. Everything that meant anything, she captured. I love being able to look at those pictures and translate them into OUR moments. When Greer came for the maternity shoot, we shot at the house + in the nursery + a sweet little spot in our home town surrounded by the winter snow. All filled with meaning. Her ideas were not only fitting for our family but oh SOOO rad. Greer’s creativity and style is a perfect mix between the past and the future. She keeps it real and we love her. She is a part of us forever + ever.
We also recently got married + she captured our love + our whole story in the most perfect way possible the day of our wedding.
*their maternity + newborn sessions
GREER INEZ-8272-2AMBER CLOUR // oklahoma city
I am fortunate to work in the arts world and am familiar with a handful of local photographers.  I didn’t have to think for one minute who to hire.  I fell in love with Greer’s sense of style years ago so I contacted her immediately when I realized I needed photos of myself and my business partner, Ryan, for my newest business venture, Diabetes Daily Grind.  I felt confident she would be able to document Ryan and I in a natural setting and justly capture who we are and what we want to achieve with this new, raw concept.  As someone who has always been shy to the camera, Greer helped me feel confident and beautiful in all of 47 photo shoots we requested.  She is honest, genuine and a true artist.  I am honored that she took me on as a project and look forward to showing the world who I am am threw the eyes of such a talented photographer.