STANDOUTS are the modern [un]framed photo.GREER INEZ-0477My favorite way to display photos. No frame needed. So sleek! They look like pieces of art when hung on your wall, especially on the yummy metallic paper that I use. I add a new one to our art wall every 6-12 months.
It is impossible to find frames for the fun prints like square or 8×12 (a great size! because it is bigger than a 4×6 but no cropping has to be done like you’d do on an 8×10), and especially difficult to find a frame for the super sexy 16×20 + 16×24. And no frame needed with a standout, so you’re saving on even spending or having to hunt for one with this print.
Plus, these prints are extra crisp because they are on actual photo paper verses a canvas (which cannot be sharp + crisp because of the texture.)
The most popular thing my clients choose, is a collage created from a large rectangle + two squares. This type of standout collage looks great using a combination of images from different shoots or images all from the same shoot. Some clients buy a set of standouts of their favorite images from each shoot + display each collage in different parts of their homes.