Photography fulfills me in so many areas of my life. It gives me the opportunity to experience life as an entrepreneur + gives me a creative outlet as an artist. In the 7 years I’ve been doing it professionally, I’ve learned so much, perfected my process + workflow, refined my aesthetic, invested in my education + gotten to study with some amazingly creative + talented people- I have gathered incredible experience that I love sharing! #arisingtideliftsallboats

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For all levels! I give you a lot of content that will help you figure out how to best use your time with me. Our mentor sessions are lead by you- what we do depends on what you are wanting to work on ! These sessions are skype or in person or a combo. 

GREER INEZ boss lady workshop
the art + business of photography

I love workshops because of the community feel + conversations that take place between the sessions. I choose beautiful + rad places, so we have prime locations to shoot + share our time together. This workshop is all I dreamed of when I was starting my photography business- it’s an all-encompassing workshop- for all levels. [travel + lodging not included]

weekends include [but are not limited to]:

  • refining your aesthetic
  • building your portfolio
  • attracting + booking your ideal clients
  • systems + rituals + software I use for an efficient day
  • shooting + posing guidance
  • finding good light anywhere + at any time
  • my entire photo process + workflow – from start to finish 
  • goal setting + manifesting
  • feedback on your portfolio + website
  • post production + editing
  • evolving your art + offerings with your clientele
  • choosing pricing + your business model
  • live [styled editorial] shoot with my whole team + model- guidance + feedback 
  • marketing + social media strategies
    we even dig in deep with the magic shit!
  • locating your intuition + power
  • using self care + health as fuel for your hustle
  • using your desires as guidance as an artist + a boss 
PHOTOGRAPHY BASICS // 2 hour workshop

We will cover all of the basics- ISO + aperture + shutter speed + lighting + composition, so you can shoot on manual mode + get those dreamy shots! Bring your camera [digital or film- I use both + love both!] + we will go over all our content for the first hour, then go out + practice our new skills the second hour!